Barista Profile

Barista of the Week: Sarah Welder

Secretly aspires to be: Rain. Or maybe I should say H20. Think about it- you'd get to go sky diving... then swimming... then you'd be evaporated, and- repeat! Sounds like a pretty good time to me.

Intellectually Stimulated By: Benjamin Franklin (The dude is hilarious!)

Not So Hidden Talent: I spend my free time playing piano, keyboard, bass, and I've played the violin for most of my life, but just in the last few years realized I could run it through a million effects and a big 'ole amp to make it sound huge and occasionally wacked out. (I'm also in a band, Cabin, with whom I've traveled to the most interesting places over the last 4 1/2 years... Ireland being my hands down favorite.) 

Gleefully Indulges In: Wii Dance! Just Dance II to be exact. Can't get enough 

Love of Louisville: Mostly- FOOD! I love that it seems like the majority of Louisvillians make it a point to care about local businesses and culture.

Coffee Drink of Choice: I'll have a cappuccino, please. 

The Joys of Being a Barista: Everything. It's even a valid excuse to walk around with a stain on my shirt.. "What? I work at a coffee shop."

Word around the espresso machine about Sarah: “She knows all kinds of shortcuts and tricks! The Jack of all Trades barista style.”

Barista of the Week: Kent Plenge

Barista of the Week: Kent Plenge

Secret Weapon: German aficionado. "Ich bin Kaffee"

Current Aural Enjoyment: metal. 

Is the Proprietor of: an Innumerable amount of tattoos. 

Loves the Text: Demon Haunted World by Carl Sagan

Incognito Aspiration: To be an Astro-Physicist. 

Guilty Pleasure: "I am supposed to feel guilty about something in which I find pleasure?"

Heros of Influence: "Conan the Barbarian and my dad, I thought he was Indiana Jones when I was little."

Coffee Drink of Choice: Iced Americano. So good. 

Barista Love: "The science of coffee."

Word around the campfire about Kent: "A real sweetheart. A softy and a hard worker, so much to love." 


Barista of the Week: Allie Sailor

Barista of the Week: Allie Sailor

Secret Avenger of: Middle Eastern Languages; Turkish sounds super rad. 

Last Spontaneous Adventure: Grocery Shopping, with no list!

Guilty Pleasures: Science Fiction and Rap music. Mutually exclusive, of course.

Dream Weaver: As a young lass she aspired to be Indiana Jones. It's not too late, Allie. The lasso might come in handy. 

Love of Louisville: The perfect combo of Southern and Northern Culture. 

Coffee Drink of Choice: Café Solo of PT's Panama Elida Estate. The total Jam. 

Barista Inspiration: "I like being part of a group of people that collectively push each other to work towards being the best coffee shop in Louisville."

Word around the Espresso Machine: "Allie is on top of it. Whatever's going on Allie is working hard to make it right."


Barista of the Week: Philip Revell

Barista of the Week: Philip Revell

Currently Immersed in the Harmonies of: Till The Sun Turns Black by Ray LaMontagne

Thrill of Life: Expedited himself on a whim to Chicago to enjoy the wide range of coffee happenings. Four days of coffee, who needs to sleep anyway?

Playground Excitement: The Swings. The most dangerous and the most exhilarating. 

Love of Louisville: That people make it their own. 

Coffee Drink of Choice: Espresso Accapiato. It's Perfect. 

Coffee Roots are Measurable: "I tend to be analytical about everything I do. The world of coffee is so vast, there is so much to learn, so much to experience. Both the science and the art behind it really fascinate me."

Word on the Street: "Philip enjoys good dialogue and good coffee. What more is there?"


Barista of the Week: Brittany Jarboe Jennings

Barista of the Week: Brittany Jarboe Jennings

Is Passionate About: Art, Books and Vanilla Bean Ice Cream with Blueberries

Love of Louisville: The Community

Spirit Animal: Chinchilla. Yeah, that’s right.

Heart Dances: In Prague. Which is telling of…

Secretly Longs to be: A Professor of Czech Communist Art History

Coffee Drink of Choice: Short Americano, single origin espresso, a drip of half ‘n’ half.

Love of the Barista: “I like doing Latté Art.”

Word around the Espresso Machine about Brittany: “She makes customers smile. I see it happen all of the time.



Barista of the Week: Ginger Goss

Barista of the Week: Ginger Goss

Feels most akin to: Hummingbirds. Because they’re tiny. Once witnessed a swarm of said tiny bird and was filled with love.

Muse of the song: Drums. Especially drum ensembles.

Secretly aspires to be: A witch. Seriously.

Takes great Joy from: Underlining sentences in books with a ruler. “It’s so satisfying.”

Love of Louisville: Falls of the Ohio. Which is technically in Indiana, but hey.

Dreams nightly: In typewriter font.

Coffee drink of choice: Iced Mocha. Duh.

Has the barista love for: “Talking to people all day. I love talking to people.”

Word on the street about Ginger: “Her energy is divine and will bring joy in your life. Whether you want it or not!”


Barista of the Week: Adam Pike

Barista of the Week: Adam Pike

Hoisted from the coastal port of San Diego

Favorite ride at Disney Land: The ridiculous one at Magic Mountain

Little known fact: Has a secret life as a poet. Spot him in a collection called Furniture.

Favorite instrument of musical muse: The Trumpet, it is emotive and versatile. (sounds familiar)

His thoughts on Halloween: “People should wear costumes and visit their neighbors every day, not just once a year.”

Love of Louisville: The Highlands… the trees, parks, people, restaurants and red doors.

Coffee Drink of Choice: Double short Americano. By far.

Root of his Coffee Love: “It’s very simple. I like learning to do something really well. Making a quality latté is very gratifying. And the people. Of course.”

What they say about Adam: “He is totes the best. Ever.”

Barista of the Week: Eric Bray

Barista of the Week: Eric Bray

Best known for: Being the longest running barista at Quills and borderline cheesy wordpuns.

Power Animal: Armadillo

Coffee Drink of his Dreams: 6oz. Cappuccino, the Golden Ratio of espresso and milk.

Album du Week: Saul Williams (Self Titled)

Latté Design of Choice: His original “Fleur de Feather” (Just ask for a demo)

Love of Louisville: The mix of urban and green space makes his heart sing.

Root of his Coffee Love: Melded with his love for building customer relationships, the never ending coffee education makes being a barista worth his while.

Word around the Coffee Cooler: On top of being a killer barista, Eric is a superb manager, calm, collected and cool, he is gold.