Barista of the Week: Kent Plenge

Barista of the Week: Kent Plenge

Secret Weapon: German aficionado. "Ich bin Kaffee"

Current Aural Enjoyment: metal. 

Is the Proprietor of: an Innumerable amount of tattoos. 

Loves the Text: Demon Haunted World by Carl Sagan

Incognito Aspiration: To be an Astro-Physicist. 

Guilty Pleasure: "I am supposed to feel guilty about something in which I find pleasure?"

Heros of Influence: "Conan the Barbarian and my dad, I thought he was Indiana Jones when I was little."

Coffee Drink of Choice: Iced Americano. So good. 

Barista Love: "The science of coffee."

Word around the campfire about Kent: "A real sweetheart. A softy and a hard worker, so much to love."