Barista of the Week: Philip Revell

Barista of the Week: Philip Revell

Currently Immersed in the Harmonies of: Till The Sun Turns Black by Ray LaMontagne

Thrill of Life: Expedited himself on a whim to Chicago to enjoy the wide range of coffee happenings. Four days of coffee, who needs to sleep anyway?

Playground Excitement: The Swings. The most dangerous and the most exhilarating. 

Love of Louisville: That people make it their own. 

Coffee Drink of Choice: Espresso Accapiato. It's Perfect. 

Coffee Roots are Measurable: "I tend to be analytical about everything I do. The world of coffee is so vast, there is so much to learn, so much to experience. Both the science and the art behind it really fascinate me."

Word on the Street: "Philip enjoys good dialogue and good coffee. What more is there?"