Barista of the Week: Eric Bray

Barista of the Week: Eric Bray

Best known for: Being the longest running barista at Quills and borderline cheesy wordpuns.

Power Animal: Armadillo

Coffee Drink of his Dreams: 6oz. Cappuccino, the Golden Ratio of espresso and milk.

Album du Week: Saul Williams (Self Titled)

Latté Design of Choice: His original “Fleur de Feather” (Just ask for a demo)

Love of Louisville: The mix of urban and green space makes his heart sing.

Root of his Coffee Love: Melded with his love for building customer relationships, the never ending coffee education makes being a barista worth his while.

Word around the Coffee Cooler: On top of being a killer barista, Eric is a superb manager, calm, collected and cool, he is gold.