Barista of the Week: Sarah Welder

Secretly aspires to be: Rain. Or maybe I should say H20. Think about it- you'd get to go sky diving... then swimming... then you'd be evaporated, and- repeat! Sounds like a pretty good time to me.

Intellectually Stimulated By: Benjamin Franklin (The dude is hilarious!)

Not So Hidden Talent: I spend my free time playing piano, keyboard, bass, and I've played the violin for most of my life, but just in the last few years realized I could run it through a million effects and a big 'ole amp to make it sound huge and occasionally wacked out. (I'm also in a band, Cabin, with whom I've traveled to the most interesting places over the last 4 1/2 years... Ireland being my hands down favorite.) 

Gleefully Indulges In: Wii Dance! Just Dance II to be exact. Can't get enough 

Love of Louisville: Mostly- FOOD! I love that it seems like the majority of Louisvillians make it a point to care about local businesses and culture.

Coffee Drink of Choice: I'll have a cappuccino, please. 

The Joys of Being a Barista: Everything. It's even a valid excuse to walk around with a stain on my shirt.. "What? I work at a coffee shop."

Word around the espresso machine about Sarah: “She knows all kinds of shortcuts and tricks! The Jack of all Trades barista style.”