Barista of the Week: Ginger Goss

Barista of the Week: Ginger Goss

Feels most akin to: Hummingbirds. Because they’re tiny. Once witnessed a swarm of said tiny bird and was filled with love.

Muse of the song: Drums. Especially drum ensembles.

Secretly aspires to be: A witch. Seriously.

Takes great Joy from: Underlining sentences in books with a ruler. “It’s so satisfying.”

Love of Louisville: Falls of the Ohio. Which is technically in Indiana, but hey.

Dreams nightly: In typewriter font.

Coffee drink of choice: Iced Mocha. Duh.

Has the barista love for: “Talking to people all day. I love talking to people.”

Word on the street about Ginger: “Her energy is divine and will bring joy in your life. Whether you want it or not!”