Barista of the Week: Adam Pike

Barista of the Week: Adam Pike

Hoisted from the coastal port of San Diego

Favorite ride at Disney Land: The ridiculous one at Magic Mountain

Little known fact: Has a secret life as a poet. Spot him in a collection called Furniture.

Favorite instrument of musical muse: The Trumpet, it is emotive and versatile. (sounds familiar)

His thoughts on Halloween: “People should wear costumes and visit their neighbors every day, not just once a year.”

Love of Louisville: The Highlands… the trees, parks, people, restaurants and red doors.

Coffee Drink of Choice: Double short Americano. By far.

Root of his Coffee Love: “It’s very simple. I like learning to do something really well. Making a quality latté is very gratifying. And the people. Of course.”

What they say about Adam: “He is totes the best. Ever.”