Barista of the Week: Allie Sailor

Barista of the Week: Allie Sailor

Secret Avenger of: Middle Eastern Languages; Turkish sounds super rad. 

Last Spontaneous Adventure: Grocery Shopping, with no list!

Guilty Pleasures: Science Fiction and Rap music. Mutually exclusive, of course.

Dream Weaver: As a young lass she aspired to be Indiana Jones. It's not too late, Allie. The lasso might come in handy. 

Love of Louisville: The perfect combo of Southern and Northern Culture. 

Coffee Drink of Choice: Café Solo of PT's Panama Elida Estate. The total Jam. 

Barista Inspiration: "I like being part of a group of people that collectively push each other to work towards being the best coffee shop in Louisville."

Word around the Espresso Machine: "Allie is on top of it. Whatever's going on Allie is working hard to make it right."