Quills Road Trip - Coffee Fest

Quills is excited to be a part of Coffee Fest 2012! 

Coffee Fest hosted their first big event in Seattle in 1992. They now combine education, training, workshops - and some healthy competition- in three top-performing trade shows annually positioned in New York, Chicago and Seattle.  And this week, June 8-10, Quills will head up to Chicago to proudly represent Louisville coffee!! 

Our own Baxter baristas --Houston Miller (looks like Ashton Kutcher) and James Tooill (some say he looks like Jesus; some say Eddie Vedder; Luke says John Lennon c. 1968)-- have been accepted to compete in the latte art competition.

  {photo left: a little practice pouring going down}

Additionally - our new Tech, Kent Plenge (the tall, tatted and uber-friendly one), will head up with the crew for a few sessions of training on all things tech-related.

As we grow, Quills is excited to expand and deepen connections with the broader coffee community, and events like Coffee Fest give us an opportunity to do that. Baristas, roasters, techs, shop owners and managers and all-around coffee geeks from all over the world gather at these events to share new insights and techniques, discuss industry trends, and to engage in some friendly competition. We're sure that our team will learn much from being there, and hope that we might have a small part to contribute to ongoing growth in this industry during a very exciting time for coffee. 

Be sure to follow @QuillsCoffee on Twitter this weekend for updates on how our baristas are doing!