Quills Introduces...Houston Miller

Thanks to new stores and your continued loyalty, Quills has been lucky enough to invite a lot of new faces and new talent in these past few months. Likely you've noticed and perhaps even shook a few hands. We thought it was about time to further introduce you. First up...

This profile is not going to be a superflous jocular essay on Houston Miller's slight, green age; Ambling on about how he holds the title of youngest member of our staff or how he just graduated high school this year or how he was only two years old when the movie Apollo 13 came out.

So because we're not talking about how young Houstin is, we'll discuss his killer latte art and how it hints at the refined skills of a seasoned pro.  We'll reveal that he plays lead guitar, has the urge to climb everything and has an owl outside his bedroom window that became a fortunate omen leading to his profession at Quills (ok so maybe I exaggerate that story slightly).

Here are some further tidbits concerning Mr. Houstin "youngin'", "tadpole" Miller:

So why a Barista (besides the whole magical ominous owl thing)? I've wanted to be a barista for a long time. I've always greatly enjoyed specialty drinks and appreciated the craftsmanship involved. I love perfecting my latte art and drink quality is very important to me

Favorite drink? Cappucino at a low temperature

Any impressive quirky talents? Curling my tongue and whistling through it (just ask him to show you next time he makes your coffee)

Feelings on dumpster diving? Only if there's a large statue of a man made of solid gold reaching out of the dumpster with gold rings on his fingers

Fictional band name? (In respect to men with naturally "cleaner" faces) "Beards Half Full" for the optimistic side of an undergrown beard. Or "Scruffy Not Fluffy".

What do you want to be when you grow up? A rock-climbing, base-jumping chef who goes spelunking on the side

Favorite thing to cook as an aspiring rock-climbing chef? Alfredo

The gossip on Houston:

You wouldn't even know he was the baby of the family...carries himself like a bon-a-fide A-dult!

I hear he is a wicked guitar player too.

The dude is a total brain! He picks anything up and runs with it and he is super fun to work with! I feel like we never stop laughing when we're behind the bar together.

Houston loves learning and enjoys challenges. He's not afraid to try anything!