Coffee For Sale

What sounds like the perfect cup to you? Buy a bag for yourself and some friends and let us know what you taste. We are currently roasting...
Burundi Gacokwe Juicy; Orange and Grapefruit; Sweet, Citrus, Candy Aroma

Peru CENFROCAFE Tangy Sweetness; Tropical Fruit; Orange Sherbert aroma/aftertaste; Very Balanced

Rwanda Kigeyo Caramel Aroma; Sweet/Tart Strawberry; Brown Sugar; Grape

Ethiopia Washed Sidamo Lemony Brightness; Herby; Almost Savory; Clean, Tea-like Mouth feel

El Salvador La Montaña Toast and Jam; Baking Chocolate; Minerally; Balanced between Brightness and Deep Notes

Burundi Gatare Lot 3 Sweet Citrus Fragrance and Aroma; Tangerines and Oranges

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe ECX Top Lot Honeysuckle; Floral Aromatics; Citrus; Cinnamon (see HERE for more info. on this special small batch roast)