Quills Food: House Baked Goodies

The new baking initiative at Quills is off and running with some homemade goodies ready to entice your taste buds and compliment that delicious cup of coffee you are sipping on. The decision to bring you house baked muffins is part of the vision to bring Quills’ customers the very best.

Heading up the venture has been Quills barista Adam Pike. With a love for baking and Quills, he has turned up the oven to turn out fresh bread and muffins for our deserving patrons. We are now serving his recipes and will have some more delightful goodies on the way. The future also holds breakfast soufflés and cheese spreads, just a few more ways to keep you coming back for more.

The newest additions are:

Blueberry, Lemon Zest, Cornmeal Muffin: Hearty, filling and bright. Olive oil makes the blueberry and lemon flavors really pop and the cornmeal makes them a worthy candidate for breakfast. We are struggling to keep them around past 10am!

Blackberry, Banana, Chocolate Chip Muffin (v): This muffin’s best kept secret is that it’s vegan. The bananas make these super moist! Melty chocolate chips and tart blackberries are found liberally sprinkled throughout, making this muffin extremely decadent. Customers regularly come back up to get another one after the first one is devoured!

Savory Brioche Roll: Our brioche dough is seasoned with rosemary and thyme and allowed to rise overnight. Each morning we sprinkle in fresh savory ingredients and bake the rolls. The result is a beautiful, fluffy, light savory option for breakfast or for a snack with coffee. This week’s filling was gruyere cheese and green onion. The savory ingredients baked into the sweet brioche dough is amazing. Be sure to check back for new versions!

Paninis: Each day a different Panini is offered. Served on Italian bread and grilled with fresh ingredients, making the cheese melty and delicious. Perfect for the days you want something hot and filling. Check back often to see what we’re getting creative with!