Barista of the Week: Luke Daughtery

Barista of the Week: Luke Daughtery

Years Aboard the Ship of Life: 28

Point o’ Origin: St. Louis, MO

Dream of his Highest Consciousness: Author of the written word

Color of his Spirit: Varieties of Browns

Love of Louisville: Waterfront Park- Family Fountain Fun

Greatest Accomplishment: Siring his 18mo old son Ian Thomas

Secret Talent: Uncanny ability to craft entertaining songs about anything for his offspring. 

Coffee Drink of his Dreams: 6oz Cappuccino with a smidge of dark chocolate

Root of his Coffee Love: “I love the taste and experience of coffee. Going to coffee shops and taking it in. As a barista I love being a part of giving someone that experience. I am fascinated by the process involved. It has become an inherit part of my life.”