Quills Drinks: PT's Espresso

In an effort to amp up our coffee quo, Quills is offering an espresso blend from PT’s Coffee. A small batch roaster located in Topeka, KS, PT’s has been rated tops in the coffee industry for many years. Nabbing the coveted Roaster of the Year in 2009 by Roast Magazine, their quality is no joke. Quills will be pulling shots of their Flying Monkey Espresso. Bragging a full range of flavors from savory to sweet, this balanced, full bodied espresso will go nicely in a cappuccino, macchiato or your drink of choice.

You might have also noticed Quills preparing for this increase in the coffee quo by adding a new grinder to our quality equipment behind the bar. The new Anfim Milano grinder has titanium burrs, a timed grind and it’s sparkly. All qualities that are crucial to the quality standard we hold at Quills. We love coffee, you should too.