Quills Drinks: The Miéle and The Velocé

At the Quills Coffee ranch we are always exploring the best and brightest ways to serve espresso. On top of the traditional espresso renditions, we offer some unique ways to imbibe that delicious black gold. The top on the list of fancy finds you will get at Quills is the Cafe Miele. A Latte with a special blend of honey and cinnamon, this drink is a classic at Quills. A customer favorite, and perfect for Latte Art, this tasty bev is perfect for a winter day, or iced in the summer for a just a little sweet and a lot of awesome. 

The Veloce, or fast in Italian, is just that. An espresso drink not to sip but to shoot. Don't be shy, just turn it up. The perfect balance of a flavor shot, half n half and espresso, goes down smooth and well fast. Perfect for on the go Joe or to accompany our bottomless French Press, the little sweet gets ya going. Just a couple more ways we can brighten your day. Like rainbows and stuff.