Quills Drinks: Pour-Overs Are the New Thang

The newest addition to Quills is the infamous pour-over method. Assembled to deliver the best in coffee brewing is the Pour-Over Bar. Constructed so that the pour-over cone is positioned over the cup, it allows the fresh coffee to brew directly into your cup, then sip directly into your mouth. The pour-over has become a quality standard in coffee and offers a unique experience because of its slow brew method, like a French press, but has a paper filter that creates a barrier between liquid and grounds, using gravity as the means of extraction. 

Baristas at Quills are practicing daily, working out their wrist muscles and zen coffee skills to provide the best brew we can. Increasing our skill level at Quills is part of the fun. Prepared at the time of order, the freshness factor is superior. Offering this fancy brew method is part of what we do at Quills. Giving you the best of the best.