Quills Drinks: All About the Espresso

Espresso is the lifeblood of Quills. Our bread and butter. The very thing we live for. Coffee is awesome in most every form, but the art and technique of espresso extraction holds a special place in our hearts. Well how many different ways can I have this fine method of coffee? More than your mind can imagine. In pursuit of the all things best in coffee, we focus on refining the classics. Bring it on.

Double Shot

One of our top favorite ways of experiencing the nuanced flavor of coffee is in the demitasse or little bitty cup. Simple. Delicious. Enough to sip on but with a concentration of flavor, the double comes near to perfection. Insider secret: There is a misconception that straight espresso tastes bitter and harsh—BAD espresso tastes bitter and harsh.  Hand crafted, perfectly extracted espresso should be velvety, syrupy, and sweet.


Espresso immersed in hot water. Getting all there is to have from espresso and more. The name is just what you think. American soldiers in Italy during WWII inspired the drink when the short espresso shots were too strong, and they were homesick for good old homebrewed coffee. So the tender hearted baristas served up their classic espresso diluted in hot water to satisfy their thirst, and the new classic was born.


This little drink is sure to be a winner. Serving up espresso with some steamed milk is an obvious favorite in our Latté Nation, but this tiny take gives an opportunity to taste more of the espresso with the compliments of the milk. With an ounce to an ounce ratio, you get a drink full of flavor.

Espresso Accoppiato

The mother of all espresso drinks, this double wammy is taking over favorites at Quills. New to the menu, we are unveiling what we think is a great way to get it all from espresso. Two shots of espresso in separate cups, one macchiato style and one straight up. There’s lots to love in this combination. Think of it as the best of both worlds. You get a chance to taste the full flavor of the straight espresso and then a little drink to sip on with the macchiato. So good.

Next we’ll get down and dirty with Lattés and Cappuccinos as we get the inside scoop on the milk that makes it happen.