Quills Extras

Like any good thing, Quills is complex. On top of the quality coffee and service we offer, there are more secret services that we want to let you in on.

  1. Our parking lot. Driving by Quills from 7-9am and don’t stop because no parking on Baxter Ave? Issue resolved. From 7-10am the parking lot behind Old Colony Cabinet Company on the corner of Baxter and Morton is open for Quills customers. Don’t let a few feet stop you from starting your day the way you want to. 
  2. Romantic seating. Enjoying this fall weather with a cup of hot deliciousness is the way to go. To assist you in this pursuit is our side alley seating. Away from the traffic and nestled by the brick walls, your experience will enchant you to a far off place that gives you that warm, fuzzy feeling.
  3. Seasonal drinks. Embracing the fun of fall, we are offering a seasonal Caramel Apple Latté made with Huber’s Apple Cider. It is made with cider, caramel sauce and steamed milk, and there is a vegan option available.

Yeah, we're going for unconditional love.