Quills Drinks: French Press Coffee

In our efforts to offer the best in coffee, we use different brew methods to serve up Quills’ finest. In October our coffee connoisseurs will be seeing some changes. In addition to our fancy espresso, we will be offering our now morning only French press coffee all day! In addition to our desire to offer a variety for Quills’ loyal patrons, the French press method allows more nuance of flavor to be experienced in each cup.

By controlling the temperature and a slower brew where the grounds are exposed to the water equally and for the same amount of time, the flavor mingles to produce a rich cup of coffee.

This method, coined so by its legendary French roots allegedly developed in the 1850s, was not patented until 1929 by Italian designer Attilio Calimani. So when in France would you ask for a ‘French press’? Why no, you would be hip to their lingo and ask for cafetière à piston, or simply press coffee. See, drinking Quills Coffee makes you smarter.

In addition to our fancy plunger coffee we use single origin coffees, so that each coffee can be tasted to its fullest. We are for equal opportunity coffee tasting, giving each one the chance to shine for its unique qualities. Stay tuned for more info on the changes Quills is making for a higher coffee quo.


For more information on how the French press works check out: