Quills Roast

Quills Roasts Coffee

Word on the street is Quills is in the roasting biz. It’s all true. Roasting coffee has been part of our vision from the beginning, but now it's a reality. Once we landed our little roaster that could and a place to do its the thang, we have been full speed ahead.

The question of the day is who is behind this magical experience. The answer is our very own John Letoto. Hired on for his expert coffee knowledge and home roasting skills, John has taken on all parts of becoming a barista in addition to spearheading our roasting endeavors.

Spying on John as he roasts at our future New Albany location, it’s easy to see how much John loves coffee. With scribbled notes on paper, iPad documents and timers, John has it all down to an art. The complexity and the challenge is what John loves about roasting coffee.

He says it is intriguing to take something raw and make it this delicious thing that opens people’s eyes to the rich flavors coffee can have, much different than what they are brought up thinking coffee should taste like.

It is that moment that motivates John. Once someone tastes a quality roasted coffee, they are hooked, they want to know more and more. Being part of the experience that excites folks about coffee is tops on the list for John.


The support and comradery of being part of a small number of small batch coffee roasters in the country is nice too. Because there is always something to learn to further coffee, the support and info sharing done between them makes roasting better for John, and coffee quality better for everyone.

Being a part of the roasting and the brew process provides a deeper insight to the flavor profile of the coffee. Knowing how the coffee is going to be brewed allows John the chance to adjust the roasting to fit the extraction process. The details are everything.

Sniffing and watching the beans while they roast, John takes in every detail of the process. John is coffee obsessed to say the least, sharing his personal thoughts on coffee on his blog www.hermitudinous.com. This obsession makes him a perfect fit for Team Quills. Thank you John, for all that you do.



Please & Thank You Opens Up Shop

Our friends from Please & Thank You that make some of the delicious goodies we sell are excited to announce the opening of their own store front today! You will now be able to mingle and munch with Brooke Vaughn and Jason Pierce at their East Market Street location in the heart of the gallery district. They have put their special touch on the things they love especially for Louisville.

One of the things they love is Quills Coffee. PTY will soon be the home of Quills first outside roasting account. When setting up their espresso bar, the PTY crew took advantage of our Mahlkoenig rep status and installed one these fancy grinders for their fine coffee. They are leaving the geek status to us, but be rest assured when sipping their espresso drinks, they know what’s up.

Brooke is heading up the café portion of the biz while Jason is wrangling in the records and all things Analog. The PTY crew aims to give you a retro modern twist on the morsels for your mouth and the tunes for your ears. Setting foot in the shop, the care and attention that has gone into every item is apparent, hand picked just for you, so mind your manners.

Everything from the hand made tables and the Analog Mixed Tapes, to the vintage Pop Shoppe bottles that hold the iced coffee, the PTY crew are keeping quality and aesthetic in mind at all times. There is even a listening booth where you can preview the records and snack on their fresh baked cookies. The shop is more than a store, it’s a place to be.

We are so excited for our friends as they make their dreams come true. Going right in line with Quills’ vision of sharing what you love with the lovelies of Louisville, Quills coffee is a perfect fit for Please and Thank You. But don’t forget you can still get their tasty goodies at Quills when you are in our 'hood. Good luck Brooke and Jason! Save us a spin on the turn table.


Quills News: Fresh Roasted Coffee for Here or To Go


Quills has some new stock on the shelves this week. One of which being our fancy new travel mugs, equipped with our logo and quirky quip that you will come to love. The mugs are high grade plastic and have the classy look of a real life To-Go Cup. They are $10.99 and come with a free cup of coffee upon purchase and then 10% off every drink you purchase to go in the cup from here on out. All your friends will be jealous. 

The most exciting addition to our retail stock is our very own roasted coffee!! Starting this week, our roaster John Letoto has been getting those green beans fired up ready for you to drink. We have a Guatemala SHB and Burundi Kayanza in whole bean for purchase and on French Press or Pour-Over to sip. Quills Coffee Emporium is on its way...