Please and Thank You

Quills About Town

Coffee goes good with everything. It’s a known fact. Quills will be testing this theory to full capacity this weekend as we go out into the big wide world of Louisville and share some of Quills’ finest. We will be setting up shop at the Buy Local 1st Fair and the Speed Art Museum tomorrow May 22nd.

Quills’ very own baristas will be hocking our wares from pour-overs and iced tea to some tasty goodies and fancy coffee accessories. All with a little love. Don’t worry, we’ll have some over ice, so you will able to savor it any way you please.

The Buy Local 1st fair is becoming a Louisville tradition, with this being the third year running. This is Quills’ first year to have a booth, but Quills was well represented in the Latté Art Competition last year as winners and judges. Quills is excited to be joining some of Louisville’s makers and sellers, bringing some quality coffee to the mix.

The fair will include everything from brewers to farmers to artists to chefs, all with some live music and performers entertaining your eyes and ears. The local biz spirit is one of the things we adore about this town, and a special thanks to the Louisville Visual Art Association for hosting such a great event. 

Quills will also be showing some coffee love to the Speed Art Museum for the closing of Monet and the Impressionists. There will be a hootenanny of folks there to celebrate the final day of such classic artists. We will be there with our friends from Please and Thank You with coffee goodness galore. Thank you to the Speed Museum for inviting us to have coffee with them.

Buy Local 1st Fair

LVAA Historic Water Tower

3005 River Rd.



Monet and the Impressionists

Speed Art Museum

2035 South Third Street Louisville


Please & Thank You Opens Up Shop

Our friends from Please & Thank You that make some of the delicious goodies we sell are excited to announce the opening of their own store front today! You will now be able to mingle and munch with Brooke Vaughn and Jason Pierce at their East Market Street location in the heart of the gallery district. They have put their special touch on the things they love especially for Louisville.

One of the things they love is Quills Coffee. PTY will soon be the home of Quills first outside roasting account. When setting up their espresso bar, the PTY crew took advantage of our Mahlkoenig rep status and installed one these fancy grinders for their fine coffee. They are leaving the geek status to us, but be rest assured when sipping their espresso drinks, they know what’s up.

Brooke is heading up the café portion of the biz while Jason is wrangling in the records and all things Analog. The PTY crew aims to give you a retro modern twist on the morsels for your mouth and the tunes for your ears. Setting foot in the shop, the care and attention that has gone into every item is apparent, hand picked just for you, so mind your manners.

Everything from the hand made tables and the Analog Mixed Tapes, to the vintage Pop Shoppe bottles that hold the iced coffee, the PTY crew are keeping quality and aesthetic in mind at all times. There is even a listening booth where you can preview the records and snack on their fresh baked cookies. The shop is more than a store, it’s a place to be.

We are so excited for our friends as they make their dreams come true. Going right in line with Quills’ vision of sharing what you love with the lovelies of Louisville, Quills coffee is a perfect fit for Please and Thank You. But don’t forget you can still get their tasty goodies at Quills when you are in our 'hood. Good luck Brooke and Jason! Save us a spin on the turn table.