Kathleen Lolley at Quills

Have you visited the deepest, most mysterious parts of the forest lately and climbed trees with fairies that look like frogs (or are they frogs that look like fairies?) or danced with foxes or caused mischief with owls with calculated wingspans? 

Not yet?

Take a look into the magical world of Louisville's adored artist Kathleen Lolley and you'll quickly find yourself there. 


Kathleen's work is seen in many-a-lucky home & store around Louisville as well as in the homes of actors Mark Ruffalo, Amy Adams, Ginnifer Goodwin (and probably some others too) 

And Quills is so so excited to have her shadowboxes on display over the month of June. We'll start with a celebratory opening for "Twilight in the Garden of Earthly Delights" this Friday - June 7th from 6pm - 9pm. And you, our friends, are invited. See you there!

From Kathleen's website:

Storytelling plays a prominent role in my work. My earliest artistic inspiration came from oral family stories and folk tales...As a result of spending childhood summers on my grandparents' farm, I use the forest as a backdrop. My paintings contain visual narratives usually involving imaginary creatures acting out scenes of magic and illumination.