Growing Appreciation of Coffee: Tasting through Cupping

Great feature on All Things Considered encouraging the depth, subtle nuances and immense pleasures of coffee; the story discusses the importance of relationship with your sourcers and farmers and how coffee appreciation is growing to resemble the more widely accepted study of wine.

(Hey wine people- maybe we could trade titles for a little while. "Barista" vs. "Sommelier"? "Sommelier" carries all the sex-appeal)

One of the most effective methods of growing in coffee knowledge is  through a process called cupping. Admittedly the practice can produce quite an off-putting sound as it involves deeply sniffing, then loudly slurping the coffee so that it spreads to the back of the tongue.

We love helping people enjoy their coffee even more through through the experience of cupping and are working on ways we can bring it even further to the masses. In the meantime- check out that NPR story! 

Below- John and Philip sniff and slurp and taste a few batches.