Conversations on Coffee Chilled

We know some of you prefer your coffee somewhere under 50 degrees Fahrenheit no matter what time of the year, but there are just a few more weeks (or perhaps months in this indecisive region of the troposphere) of bone-draining heat severely compelling us to the enlivening refreshment of coffee on the rocks.

So perhaps a little late but never too late, we wanted to share with you what our good friends at Prima Coffee have written up on the matter - comparing the methods and flavors of Ice Brew vs. Cold Brew. And even providing you with some recipes.

Below is a short synopsis taken from the article but be sure to head on over there for much more entertainment and helpful information (and you don't wanna miss those recipes for brewing and enjoying on your own front porch) 

{all good things come in growlers}

Ice Brew:

"Affectionately referred to as the 'Japanese iced method', ice brew is an intuitive option with a twist. It recruits classic devices like the Chemex, V60, or Aeropress and rearranges the recipes by adding ice early. When fresh coffee — brewed hot — lands on the ice drop by drop, it’s cooled instantly. The immediate result is chilled coffee that’s abundantly aromatic, agreeably acidic, and ready to drink."

versus Cold Brew:

"Famed for dropping jaws and teasing appetites, this is the legendary method that boasts a brew time between 2 and 24 hours — and sometimes longer. It’s theatrical and nearly ostentatious, but deceptively simple, and can be enjoyed with or without fancy equipment. Coffee is extracted with cool water, introduced either by full, immediate immersion or a slow, steady drip. Should one survive the wait, they’ll enjoy a sweet, syrupy cup that sidesteps coffee’s normal acidity and goes down smooth."