Reflecting on Coffee Fest

I asked Houston and Jamie to record some reflections after their trip to Coffee Fest  a couple of weeks ago. I asked Kent too but I think that guy would rather tell you in person... after first hearing about your day.  Read on for some stories and pics from this memorable trip to Chicago.

Jamie says...
We had loads of fun with our "vegan tourism"  trying to find the best Seitan chicken wings in Chicago. Kent and I hobnobbed with other coffee people until we were hoarse, and then we went out to coffee parties and kept on hobnobbing. It was heartening to meet hundreds of people who are just as passionate about good coffee as we are. We were really searching for new ideas and new products to bring back to our customers. There is a coffee shop in Chicago themed after 80's video games with a real Delorian above the bathrooms. Kent and Houston sat down on a couch there and played on an original Nintendo (don't know which game).  We were all real proud of Kenny (Smith-from Sunergos) as he represented Kentucky by winning second place against very intimidating west coast competition.

Houston says...
Well, let's see.. the first day for me was spent looking around the city for good places to eat and grossly overpriced clothing. Luckily, I didn't leave with any new clothes, but man- good food was had. Day two: No pouring in the competition for me, but cheering Jamie on was just as fun. Afterwards we perused the convention floor and headed out with two goals: Eat some good (vegan) food and over-caffeinate ourselves. Both missions were a success. Hanging out at Wormhole Coffee was a blast: Playing contra with Kent and taking in all of the wonderful video game-themed artwork. Then we sat in the shade with some more wonderful coffee at Caffe Streets. Later that day we attended a little gathering for Coffee Kids at Counter Culture's training facility, and grabbed some Chicago style deep dish pizza that night. Day three: We enjoyed the finals of the competition and departed for home shortly after.

Quills missed these guys and are so proud of their awesome work there in Chicago. Looking forward to our next adventure.