Cousin Eddie's Eggnog Veloce

We only wish we could provide the moose cup too. 

We only wish we could provide the moose cup too. 

Have you had the pleasure of tasting one of our many specialty signature drinks on the menu here at Quills? We are pretty proud of what we’ve been doing lately to showcase our coffee in unique ways.

For some time now, one of our staple specialty drinks has been the Veloce. It’s a shot glass of three distinct layers: vanilla and cream topped off with our famed Blacksmith Espresso. We call it the Veloce because it’s intended to be consumed in one quick delicious gulp. This symphony of science & love begins with a concentrated burst of outrageously great coffee, followed by a subtle & refreshing melody of cold cream & finishes with sweet notes of vanilla. The unique experience of the Veloce has gone unrivaled... until now. 


This day- from our bright and enterprising team in New Albany -comes a successor. Think of it as the Veloce’s crazy cousin that likes to have a good time. You know- the guy that spikes the eggnog at all the family holiday gatherings just to see grandma do a special rendition of the pledge of allegiance. That’s right. "Cousin Eddie’s Eggnog Veloce" is not only a spin on it’s predecessor, it takes your favorite holiday flavors & gives them a little Kentucky kick. Here’s the twist:

We’ve created our own House-made Bourbon Brown Sugar Syrup, added a layer of Eggnog, topped it off with a shot of Blacksmith Espresso & finally we garnish with a dash of nutmeg. 

Exclusively available through the holidays at our Roastery, you’ll have to make the trip across the river to try it out. While you’re visiting take a peak behind the bar to get a glimpse of our Roastery. There’s a lot that goes into bringing you great, freshly roasted coffee each week & much of it happens behind the scenes in New Albany.