HWBB: How Would your Barista Brew?


As you hopefully know by now we are featuring a few home brewing packages (and free classes) over this holiday season. We want you to feel confident and awesome in creating a fantastic cup at home for yourself and/or for your friends and family. Out of these specific featured tools- our baristas each have their favorite. Over the next couple of weeks we're going to share what those are and highlight the respective virtues of each device.

Houston Miller and Michael Butterworth both chose the v60 dripper which is part of our Perfectionist Brewing Package

The V60 is all about the pour (meaning it's a very very good idea to make sure you have a good kettle. Good thing our package includes it!). Because of the large hole in the bottom of the dripper, this method requires a slow and steady circular pour pattern. The result is a delicious clean cup for one. This is definitely one of those practices that makes you feel all cool and maverick for knowing how to perform it. Go on and impress everyone now. 

A good resource on v60 brewing: Prima made this video using our Rwandan coffee. As always- ask your friendly Quills barista any time who will be more than happy to give you some tips and education (Even better- come to one of our classes)