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Quills Brews Smart with Chemex

Chemex is a much-appreciated pour-over method among coffee connosieurs. Quills likes it because it reminds us of our own coffee crowd: simple, smart, communal...and dashingly handsome

Invented in 1941, Chemist Peter J. Schlumbomb used his knowledge of laboratory apparatus and methods of filtration and extraction to design this elegant coffeemaker.

The chemex is the centerfold of coffee brewers. Its enviable hourglass figure is gripped by a bentwood collar, tied with a rawhide strap. In fact, you’ll find it on display in New York’s Museum of Modern Art and the Smithsonian in addition to other art and design museums.

In addition to being so chic and debonair, this practical brewing method also boasts its smart and economic utility as both a dripper and decanter. Therefore one may both brew in and serve out of the same device. Plus, it easily serves 2-4 people.

The Chemex requires an exceptionally thick filter and a slower pour-over process producing a drink that’s clean and pure while retaining a rich depth and body.

At Quills, we think the only thing better than coffee is sharing and talking about coffee. We assume the MOMA has some rules about taking things off their shelves, so we invite you (and a friend or two) to have your first taste of Chemex brew right here at Quills.

Want to bring the Chemex experience home? You’ll find them available for purchase right here at the shop

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