Quills Tools: Mahlkoenig Grinder

Quills is excited to announce we have procured a new grinder! It is the Tanzania model made by Mahlkoenig, a German company that is renowned for their high quality professional products. So fancy in fact they are the official grinder company for the World Barista Championship.

What is great about the Tanzania is its range of settings. It has the capacity to grind as course as needed for French Press, or to grind as fine for Espresso. The burrs (or blades) on the grinder are concave, unlike many grinders where the blades are flat, allowing for a more even grinding of the beans.

It is also exciting for us that we are officially Mahlkoenig reps. There are only a select few in the U.S. Of course it is a little out of reach for home coffee needs, but when you want to add a coffee bar to your new business, let us know.