Now Serving Mexico, El Porvenir

For the past two years our Mexico, El Eden has been a crowd favorite. This natural process coffee from Guerrero is a fruit bomb with supporting floral and chocolate notes. Our newest coffee from Mexico couldn't be more different, but we think it will be just as popular. El Porvenir comes to us from the Siltepec municipality of Chiapas. It's part of Cafe Imports Regional Select program which highlights the best coffees in Mexico. 

El Porvenir is the work of assorted small farms that make up the GRAPOS co-op. Like the farmers of El Eden, Grapos grow Bourbon and Typica varieties, but unlike El Eden this coffee is fully washed. In the cup we encounter lovely notes of vanilla, cashew, and wildflower honey. The acidity is more subdued than many of our coffees, which makes this coffee an excellent option for people that prefer sweeter, less acidic coffees. El Porvenir hits our webstore just in time to catch the tail end of our free shipping promotion. The promotion expires at the end of June, so don't wait to try this wonderful coffee.