September's Featured Coffee: El Salvador El Rosario


As the seasons change we begin to say goodbye to summer and cold coffee season. We are a bit sad to see the Kayon Mountain leave our espresso hoppers, but that shouldn't overshadow our excitement to have the El Salvador El Rosario follow it up as our featured coffee for September! 

We’re thrilled to begin a new relationship with the Menendez family of El Salvador. Miguel Menendez Sr. and his sons Miguel and Guillermo are carrying forward a coffee farming tradition for the 4th generation now. After nearly leaving coffee behind back in the 1990s, this family has gained a reputation among the elite producers in El Salvador since then. Regular top competitors in the El Salvador Cup of Excellence, the Menendez family puts out wonderful coffees from their various farms each year.

This particular coffee comes from Finca El Rosario, a beautiful farm nestled on a plateau along the high-wind corridors of the Apaneca-Illamatepec mountain range. These winds bring a constant cooling effect to the farm, and freshness to the climate, all coupled with a soil rich in volcanic mineral content, making the area ideal for producing specialty coffee. The farm is also “Rainforest Certified,” reflecting the Menendez’ attention to the wildlife, environment, and the local economy.

This is Nacho, the farm manager. 

This is Nacho, the farm manager. 

The Menendez family owns numerous farms, along with their own dry mill, and they control exporting as well, meaning they see the coffee all the way through until it gets to us from its origin. They approach their operation with thought toward sustainability, health of the whole ecosystem around the farm and the success of their community. Their pickers are known to garner higher wages than many in the area, and the Menendez family pours money back into youth programs and education. They’re able to do all this because of their attention detail and the quality of the coffees they produce year-in and year-out. We hope coffees from their farms will become a regular staple in our lineup.

So what about the cup? The El Rosario is going to be comforting and satisfying for most of you, especially if you've been wanting to try one of our Single-Origin offerings brewed by the cup. Rich honey, sweet almonds and tart peach in a really well-balanced experience. It will also be our featured Single-Origin espresso offering this month. If you are interested in a bag for home, swing by any of our shops or visit our store here. We also have a fantastic video of the Menendez Family if you'd like to take a few minutes and learn some more (which you definitely should do).