Peru, La Flor: The Coffee We Traveled 3,300 Miles for

Back in September we travel 3,300 miles to Jaen, Peru with one mission: to find the best coffees in the region. After a week of sampling microlots, visiting farms, and touring production facilities, we were scheduled to cup one more table of microlots before heading home to Kentucky. One coffee on that table set itself apart with its great sweetness, body, and acidity. As it turned out, that coffee was from the farm La Flor de Cafe. We're excited to announce it's available in all of our cafés and on our webstore

This blend of caturra and pache varieties features a rich, caramel sweetness with flavor notes of lemon meringue and green grape. A silky body holds it all together in what makes for a rich, complex cup of coffee. Peru, La Flor is available as whole bean, a pour-over, and occasionally will be featured on batch brew in our cafés. We're sure you're going to love this coffee as much as we do.