A Look Inside Our New Training Lab

Each one of our baristas goes through a six month training program that includes one-on-one instruction on subjects as varied as coffee extraction theory, steaming milk, and hospitality. Up until recently all of this training took place after hours in our cafés. As we've grown, it's become clear that we needed our own training space. We love coffee, but espresso training at 10 pm is nobody's favorite! We've also developed some great relationships with other cafés in the region we also wanted to have a space where we can better meet their needs.  

The training lab features a complete espresso bar, including a La Marzocco Strada espresso machine and two Mazzer Robur grinders.  For manual brewing training we have Variable Temperature Bonavita Kettles, Hario V60s, Chemexes, and a Mahlkönig Guatemala grinder. Perhaps most importantly, all of the water at our Training Lab is purified with a reverse osmosis filtration system set to our exact specifications. With industry standard equipment and high quality of water, we can focus on helping our baristas develop the necessary skills to consistently make our customers the best coffee possible. 

On Wednesdays, the space is also home to our weekly production cupping. Our Quality Control Team works hard to ensure that each of our coffees is living up to its full potential by tasting each coffee that passes through our roaster. We've used this room for cupping since we started roasting four years ago, but now we get to cup on these gorgeous tables, custom made by our architect, Carter Scott. 

If you're a barista or café owner in the region who is interested in receiving next level coffee training, we would love to hear from you! Courses offered include Introduction to Coffee, Introduction to Brewing, Latte Art, and Advanced Barista Skills.