Quills U of L Gets A New Espresso Machine

When people think of Quills, our Baxter Ave café comes to mind. It's our oldest shop and it houses our offices. The fact that it's situated in Louisville's historic Highlands neighborhood means that it's both a local favorite and a destination for people from all over the city. But on any given finals week our busiest location is actually our café next to the University of Louisville. Whether it's students, professors, or residents of Old Louisville- anyone who's ever been in during the morning or post-lunch rush knows things can get a little hectic! 

It became clear shortly after our first finals week rush we needed more than a two-group espresso machine. With an extra group head we can increase our output by 50%, meaning that you get that hand-crafted espresso beverage sooner. When you have a midterm to take or a class to teach, waiting simply isn't an option. 

For years Quills has been avid supporters of La Marzocco espresso machines. There are a lot of companies out there, but these Florence, Italy-built machines have the perfect combination of design and functionality, aesthetics and reliability. 

Historically, the craft coffee movement has eschewed automation in favor of manual methods. For espresso machines, this means manual paddles, where the barista is in complete control over the espresso in real time. We continue to believe that each shot of espresso is a work of art- the culmination of a collaborative effort between farmer, importer, roaster, barista, and customer to create a single moment of transcendent beauty. In a high-volume situation, however, the blessing can become a curse, as it can become difficult to maintain consistency from barista-to-barista or shot-to-shot. We want each beverage that passes over our counter to meet a certain standard.

Enter the Linea PB. The Linea PB is La Marzocco's flagship espresso machine. It utilizes state-of-the-art flow meter technology and an unprecedented amount of user programability. This allows the barista to have the same level of control as with a manual paddle machine while offering the repeatability only possible through automation. With the Linea PB our baristas can focus on dosing, tamping, and taking care of you. Two weeks with the new machine and our trademark Blacksmith Espresso blend has never been tasting better. But don't just take our word for it, come visit 327 Cardinal BLVD and taste it for yourself!