Wholesale Spotlight: Collective Espresso in Cincinnati

At Quills we're committed to sourcing and roasting the best coffee possible. Of course, a lot of that coffee ends up in our cafés, but we're also proud to partner with some amazing coffee shops, restaurants, and business. In a new blog series we want to highlight some of those partners. 

Residents of Cincinnati need no introduction to Collective Espresso. What started as a small espresso bar in Cinci's Over-the-Rhine neighborhood three years ago has expanded to three locations around the city. Their most recent location in the lobby of the Contemporary Art Center is as beautiful a café as we've seen anywhere. 


What all three locations have in common is a simple, coffee-centric menu and a next-level commitment to quality. Owners Dave Hart and Dustin Miller have a keen eye for design and discerning palate for coffee. We're proud that they feature our coffee in a line up that includes some highly esteemed roasters. 

After opening three cafés in three years, Collective shows no signs of slowing down. If you're ever in the Cincinnati area we would make visiting a priority! 

All photos courtesy The Coffee Compass