Three Years and Counting: Mexico, El Eden Returns and is Better Than Ever

With a memorable name and aromatics that hit you right in the olfactories, our Mexico, El Eden is one of the most popular coffees we've ever roasted.  We're excited to announce it's back for the third year in a row. 

The majority of coffees we roast at Quills are fully washed, meaning the coffee cherry is washed off the seed. Normally, a washed process producers a cleaner and more complex cup. But occasionally we come across a natural process coffee that's too good to pass up. Natural processing, also called "dry" or "unwashed," means the fruit is allowed to dry on the seed. As a result more of the sugars and organic compound from the fruit is infused into the coffee seed, resulting in a unique berry-like flavor.  The natural process is highly labor intensive and poor examples have an unpleasant fermented flavor.  El Eden is unquestionably the best natural processed coffee we've ever had.  While most Mexican coffees have chocolate and nut-like flavor notes, this coffee has vibrant flavors of mixed berries and banana bread. We have baristas that credit El Eden for teaching them to drinking their coffee black! 

Because of our long standing relationship with El Eden and their importer, Tiger Orchid, this year we were able to select lots from a single producer within the cooperative, Adan Hernandez. Last year we had bags from multiple producers, but we found Señor Hernandez's to be the highest quality. But don't just take our word for it. You can try El Eden as a pour-over in any of our cafés or pick up a bag from our webstore.