Introducing Two New Coffees

Winter is in full force here in Louisville, but we have a couple of fresh crop coffees to warm up your day. 

The first coffee comes from Rwanda, from the Coopac Cooperative and the Kigeyo Washing Station. Coopac was been leading the way in helping Rwandan farmers produce organic specialty coffee. The premium that the farmers of Coopac earn for their crop has an enormous economical impact on the community. We love this coffee not only for its social influence but also its incredible quality. This Bourbon variety yields bright notes of fig and tropical fruit balanced by a rich brown sugar sweetness. All of this complexity is held together by a creamy body. It blew our quality control team away and we're confident you'll love it too. 

Coffee drying at the Kigeyo Washing Station in Rwanda 

Coffee drying at the Kigeyo Washing Station in Rwanda 

Our other new coffee comes from incredibly diverse island nation of Papua New Guinea. PNG has been producing coffee since the 1920s when coffee seeds were brought all the way from Jamaica's Blue Mountain. Most of the coffee production in PNG comes from small subsistence farmers who grow small amounts of coffee in addition to other crops. This particular selection comes from the Waghi Valley of the Western Highlands. Coffee quality in this region has dramatically improved in the last few years with the completion of a brand new washing station. We taste a toffee sweetness, a citric acidity, as well as the herbaceous characteristics we've come to expect from Papua New Guinea. 

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