Quills' Sopacdi, Congo on A Table in the Corner of the Cafe

Coffee cherries at the Sopacdi Cooperative. 

Coffee cherries at the Sopacdi Cooperative. 

We're proud that the large majority of people who drink our coffee live in driving distance of one of our cafés. But every now and then the opportunity comes along to share our coffee with someone with a national voice. This week we were honored that Drew Moody, a leading coffee reviewer and founder of A Table in the Corner of the Cafe, reviewed our Sopacdi from the Democratic Republic of Congo. This is the first coffee we've ever roasted from Congo and we couldn't be more pleased with it. We were thrilled to hear that Drew enjoyed it as well. He writes, 

The Democratic Republic of the Congo has emerged, in the past year, really, as the home of some of the most dynamic and interesting coffees in the world. And it has really been just in the past year or so. Or maybe it’s that importers have finally discovered what the farmers of Congo have known along. Which is probably more likely.

Coincidentally, Quills Coffee has emerged as one of the best roasters in the United States, really, within the past year or two.

So it only makes sense that the marriage of Quills and the Congo Sopacdi would be a real treat. And it was. This coffee is incredible.

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