Quills Coffee Sodas: Letting our Inner Kid Loose

As Quills takes very seriously their mission to create and share experiences with this community we love, we've been pretty darn hyped as we've worked to invent some exclusive mixed beverages -always including our carefully crafted coffees. We get an extra buzz when these experiences are tied to something classic or nostalgic. So naturally we allowed that inclination to influence the creation of our three Quills Coffee Sodas. Our aim has been to devise a new and unique way to experience coffee by pulling from widely familiar old-time beverages. In this post we will walk you through each of the three Quills Coffee Sodas: the inspiration behind each recipe and what to expect when you take your first sips… or gulps.   

The Original 

The Original finds its inspiration in what is perhaps the quintessential soda: an old-fashioned cola. We're not talking about the commercial cola that you'll find bottled on your grocery store shelves. We're talking about the kind of head-to-toe-tingling intoxicant kids saved their hard-earned pennies for weeks for - served by the soda jerk on a hot day in the1940s. Please understand we're not attempting to recreate cola, rather re-imagine it. Coffee Cola. We looked to cola as inspiration from which we pulled flavors like sorghum, molasses and vanilla. Then we combined it with coffee and added a touch of lemon to brighten up the aroma and give it a little zing. This drink is a great place to start if you're curious about what all this Coffee Soda stuff is about. 

The Shrub

If you're feeling a little adventurous check out The Shrub. This one finds its roots fittingly in shrub soda. Shrub sodas were very popular in colonial America and in their simplest forms are vinegars infused with fruits or herbs. This creates a sweet-n-sour syrup that is then used to flavor soda water resulting in a drink that is both bright and refreshing. In sipping on The Shrub you will find a sweetness like molasses, a complex spicy clove finish, a brightness toeing the line with sour, and a beautiful orange aroma & relish. The Shrub is very bright and effervescent.

Derby Cream Soda

If The Shrub is at one end of the palate's spectrum, the Derby Cream Soda is on the clear opposite. While the former is sharp and bubbly, the Derby Cream Soda is deep and rich. We like to describe it as rich and creamy like a root beer float with indulgent flavors inspired by Derby Pie. Who can say no to that?