Revealing Our New Logo and Coffee Bags

At Quills, we've always been about pursuing excellence: great coffee, great community, and great spaces. With how much effort we put into sourcing and roasting the best coffees possible, it's only fitting that we place just as much thought and intentionality into our branding. That's why we're excited to reveal our new logo and labels. 

new bag 4.JPG

Our new label not only features an updated aesthetic but also a new format. All of our single origin coffees will now be identified first by country, followed by the name of the farm, co-op, or region. In other words "El Eden, Mexico" will now be labeled as "Mexico, El Eden." It's a minor adjustment that we believe will help make our wholebean coffee more approachable for non-specialists. 

We're also dropping our "Top Shelf" designation. Initially our Top Shelf label was a way that we could introduce some slightly more expensive coffees to our line up. We believed it served its purpose. Although we continue to base our retail coffee prices on the cost of green coffee, we want to avoid communicating that some of our coffees are better than others. Quality and cost are related, but not synonymous. For example, our baristas often enjoy our Ethiopia, Konga just as much as our Mexico, El Eden, although the latter is more expensive. The different prices are more reflective of the costs of producing coffee in two very different contexts.

As a consumer, you can rest assured that we are still committed to roasting delicious, ethically-sourced coffee in small batches. With stellar offerings from Africa, South America, and Central America, we've never been prouder of our coffee line-up.