New Coffee: Konga Yirgacheffe (Ethiopia)

Konga map.JPG

Last week, we told you about our newest coffee from Mexico, the El Eden. But there are more stories still to be told as our lineup changes roll out. For our second featured new coffee, we head to the motherland and birthplace of coffee: Ethiopia. We would be remiss to overlook coffees from the heartland this summer- prime time for some choice selections. And this year’s does not disappoint.

Konga 1.JPG

As the birthplace of coffee, Ethiopia  has a long-standing tradition and rich history of coffee growing. While other growing regions produce a few varieties of coffee cherries (think grape varieties as in wine), all transplanted from the mother land, Ethiopia boasts thousands of native varieties- far too many to keep count. These heirloom varieties account for a wild diversity of flavor profiles in Ethiopian coffees. Additionally, since both washed and natural processes are abundant in Ethiopia, this leads to even more diversity in the types of flavors we might find in any given coffee - from floral and lightly fruity (washed) to dense, rustic and juicy (natural).

All this to say- Ethiopian coffees (the choice lots at least) are among some of the best in the world. They are complex, diverse, and vary greatly from season to season.

This year’s selection from Quills is a beautiful example of a washed Yirgacheffe- a coffee known for its distinct, tea-like flavor profile. From the Konga micro-region of Yirgacheffe, this coffee boasts strong citrus and supportive stone fruit flavors of peach and apricot along with nice bergamot and lemongrass overtones. It has a classic Yirg-style light mouthfeel and a chocolatey finish. Like our El Eden it will shine over ice on V60 and Chemex so be sure to try it on a hot summer day.

The Konga Yirgacheffe is available now in all of our cafes––on both pour-over and batch brew––and as always- in our web store. Take some home to brew today. We will be featuring it at 20% off in our web store today through July 18!