New Coffees: Ethiopia and Mexico

Quills welcomes two new coffees to our line-up in the next few weeks. Of course in order to make room we unfortunately will have to say goodbye to one- our Los Naranjos from Huila Colombia. Oh how our time together flies.

If you're a big fan of this Colombian, make sure to grab some ASAP. We'll only have it available for another week or two (though it will still be featured as a player in our Blacksmith Espresso for a few more months). 

Now to the good news... We will soon be adding a very exciting and unique top-shelf roast from Mexico as well as another always-appreciated classic treat from the motherland of coffee herself - Ethiopia. We've got a few further details below to whet your tastebuds. Even more info. coming soon.   



Our newest top-shelf coffee comes to you from the El Eden co-op in the Guerrero state of Mexico and represents an exciting new relationship for Quills. These farmers (a small collection of growers with strong initiative) have taken a decidedly unique direction with their coffee; differentiating it from other Mexican coffees by choosing a natural (dry) process in which the coffee is dried while still in the fruit instead of skinned and washed immediately. This process is not common in Mexico and is much more labor-intensive, but the end result can be phenomenal when done well, as is the case here. The result of their dedication and ongoing commitment to developing their technique is a dynamic cup with complex body, intense aroma and an incredible berry finish that only increases as it cools.

 We taste: Anise flower aromatics meet with a smooth, creamy body and intense blueberry/strawberry finish.



It’s always a pleasure to bring in a classic Yirgacheffe this time of year, and this one does not disappoint. This coffee exemplifies the Konga micro region of Yirgacheffe with its strong citrus and supportive stone fruit flavors of peach and apricot along with nice bergamot overtones.

We taste: Delicate mouthfeel with a citric lemon zest; sweetly balanced with apricot and aromas of bergamot.


You might have also noticed we have a new decaf offering- already in rotation. 


Our new decaf selection is a nice change of pace from our previous offering. Coming from the Sidamo region of Ethiopia, this coffee follows in the tradition of a typical Sidamo with berry notes hiding behind chocolate and citrus.

We Taste: sweet chocolate with citric overtones and a hint of berry