And They're Off! Quills at Coffee Fest NYC

Well we are missing a milk pitcher from Quills on Baxter which means one of two things: Either the infamous Louisville stainless steel milk pitcher thief escaped from prison OR... Houston and Michael have packed their suitcases with all necessary weaponry for the latte art battle of the year!  

Yep- our boys are off to the bright lights of New York City to further expand their coffee wits and of course to dominate in some latte art at Coffee Fest NYC. (Learn more about Coffee Fest here )

There will be lots to do and learn in the big city but Houston and Michael will be focusing their energies on the Latte Art Championship

From the Website:

 This exciting 64 Competitor, bracket style, sudden death format features head to head competition as "a match" between the competitors. The competitor receiving the highest score from the three judges advances and the loser is eliminated. Competitors are given three minutes to produce one drink for the judges which is then scored against the competitor at the facing machine.
Judging is based on five categories:
1) Aesthetic Beauty
2) Definition
3) Color Infusion
4) Degree of Difficulty and Creativity                                                                               5) Speed

Last year Louisvillian (and Sunergosian) Kenny Smith brought home second place in Chicago. Also in 2012- former Louisvillian Ryan Soeder placed second in New York. We're excited to see what our artful city might claim this year, but no matter what- we're confident in some stellar representation by our beloved baristas.  

Kenny's second place pour in Chicago 2012

Kenny's second place pour in Chicago 2012

Find out when Houston, Michael, Kenny, Ryan and other friends are competing this weekend by following the bracket found HERE

You can follow along the America's Best Coffeehouse Competition - headed up by other Louisville friends by following the links found here