Chemex is a (spooky) TV star

Happy Halloween!!!! 

What does manually brewed coffee have to do with spooky, scary, creepy Halloween? Well- I'm sure we could come up with plenty of entertaining ideas given the time and warped creativity. But for starters- how about its appearance in a classically disturbing film alongside Mia Farrow? Yes, we're speaking of Rosemary's Baby and poor unsuspecting mother-of-the-devil Mia Farrow's stylishly educated choice of brewing and serving by the Chemex*

 *In the real unHollywood world- Chemex brewing does not induce nor even marginally encourage the conception of the devil's offspring.  


Alright, alright- let's lighten it up a notch. The Chemex is a TV star beyond the horror genre. After all- it makes some famous appearances by James Bond hand in  From Russia with Love. Monica keeps it on hand in her famously well-decorated apartment in Friends. And from the nostalgically, assumedly more wholesome tv decade: Mary Tyler Moore continues to be every working woman's inspiration... including brewing coffee at home!