New(ish) Guy Nick Langford

If you've been to our New Albany store in the past few months you might have met an exceedingly knowledgeable eager coffee-lovin' Texan named Nick. If you've had our coffee in the past few months you've at least tasted the fruits of his devoted labor. Nick Langford is our new Roaster/New Albany Store Manager and his obvious passion for roasting, tasting, serving and talking about coffee is rarely matched. Read on to find out more about Quill's newest skilled artisan. 
very picture of confidence 

  Originally from Lubbock, Texas, which everyone knows is The Giant Side of Texas, though we moved here from San Antonio.

  My beautiful bride is Dr. Sheridan Langford who is a resident in the Pediatrics program at University of Louisville.


How did you get into coffee roasting?
  When I moved to San Antonio, Texas to live near my then fiancée Sheridan, a coffee friend from Lubbock told me to find The Brown Coffee Company. It was there that my coffee world was taken to new heights through meeting Finca Las Delicias Reserva and Edlina Microlot. I joined owner/roaster extraordinaire Aaron Blanco as his roasting assistant and I was never the same.

What brought you to Quills New Albany?
  My wife matched to UofL's pediatric residency program and I found Quills through their connection to Brown.

What is the deal with armadillos?
  One time, late at night, I saw an armadillo while walking to my car. It was digging into the ground looking for critters. It looked at me with its hairy beady eye and I was afraid, then I got in my car and left. The End.

What childhood cartoon character do you most relate to?
  Bugs Bunny

What is your current favorite roast and brewing method?
  Finca La Bolsa Microlot 3 as V60 or Chemex

What do you drink at home?
  Cold brew, neat.

Do you like to eat with your coffee? If so- what?
  Usually no. However, in the evenings Quills coffee goes quite well with something sweet.

What do you want to be when you grow up?
  Happy, Healthy, and Wise

You spent time abroad. Tell us about that.

What deep life lessons/metaphors can you inspire us with that come from a profession of roasting?
  Roasting is both art and science. It is creative expression and meticulous execution. It is both primal and professional. To roast coffee is to connect yourself to the earth in a way that's been done for thousands of years in land in and around modern day Ethiopia, the birthplace of all coffee. Remember that.

Anything else you want us to know about you?
  If you really want to know where the coffee magic happens, come to New Albany.