Quills Coffee Tweets (changes & improvements)

Hello Friends! Just wanted to give you a heads-up that beginning August 1st of this 12th year of the 2000s, we will be downsizing our twitter accounts and consolidating all tweet-tweeting awesomeness into our one informative, engrossing, bone-tickling Quills Coffee account. Takin' it back to the basics y'all.

While we love the unique styles and personalities of each of our stores, we think we can better express the unified Quills brand -and better give you the news you're anticipating- if we channel it all through one account. And those of you loyally tied to one specific community and one specific Quills store, do not fear. We will certainly still be sending particular store-specific messages through this account, indicating as is necessary and appropriate. 

We'll give you time to say goodbye though. As it is currently July 17th, you have exactly two weeks to make sure you are following us at @QuillsCoffee . We'll use the additional store accounts until then- mostly to keep reminding you of this announcement.

And if you aren't following us, well hurry up already! @QuillsCoffee