Quills Holiday Packages


You're stuffed full of turkey (or tofurkey), cranberries, and candy canes.The lights from the tree are glazing your pupils like the icing on those sugar cookies daring you from across the table. But you've got plans for that mistletoe later so the party must go on! 

Keep the merry times rolling onward with your favorite Quills coffee served in a most personal and chic style through one of our home-brewing packages below.

Each package is designed for your unique preference, skill level, and need.  As always- our baristas are more than ready to help you in finding just what you might not know you're looking for.

And-of course- they make fantastic gifts! Buy any package for another and they'll receive FREE admission to one of our home-brewing courses we'll be offering in January. 

Take a look through the packages and prices below. These will be on display at all Quills stores as well as online through our webstore. And please read on through the bottom of this post for a couple of notes on additional values you have the option of receiving with purchase. 

THE ENTHUSIAST                         $74  Clever Dripper, Filters, Bona Vita Kettle*                    

  • Simple manual brewing method that combines the ease of the French Press with the cleaner, brighter taste that comes with filtered brewing methods
  • Perfect for serving 1-2 people


THE PERFECTIONIST                      $79    V60 01 Dripper, Filters, Bona Vita Kettle*       

  • The learning curve is a bit higher on this brewer but the rewards in the cup are well worth it
  • V60 brewer brings out a well-balanced, full-bodied cup that accents the many high notes of Quills coffees

THE ENTERTAINER                      $100 Chemex (6-cup), Filters, Bona Vita Kettle

  • Easy learning and makes an incredibly clean cup
  • Perfect brewer for your dinner party - serves 3-6 cups and looks stylish and lovely with your holiday spread

THE PERFORMER                           $164 Bona Vita Brewer, Filters, 2 Quills Mugs    

  • Get all the ease of automatic brewing without losing the quality                                
  • One of the few brewers certified by the Specialty Coffee Association of America, this brewer keeps water up to the right brewing temp and disperses it evenly across the coffee to brew a balanced, full cup

*Add a Hario server to "The Enthusiast" and "The Perfectionist" packages for only $26.

*Grinders are the great equalizer of coffee - improving almost any brewing method instantly! Add a Hario Skerton Hand Grinder for $39. Or a Baratza Encore automatic burr grinder for $125.

*We will be offering 6 FREE brewing classes during the month of December so you can learn how to use all the pretty stuff featured above.