New Quills Signature: Thai No. 5

Quills launched a new drink yesterday. Mr. Philip Revell is the scientist behind Thai No. 5 and he's gonna tell us about it and the philosophy behind all of our signature drinks.  

When we approach coffee, we want to push the envelope. We want to do things that challenge preconceived notions of what coffee is; The possibilities of taste, and how vast the world of coffee actually is. 

When a person walks into Quills we want to be a guide- navigating our guests toward coffee bliss. While some may think it silly to put so much energy and dedication into this well-known beverage (after all it is just coffee right?), we want to completely obliterate the concept that coffee is merely a cheap way to clear one's head in the morning. 

One way that we do this is by creating unique, cocktail-inspired signature drinks. These drinks are meant to showcase certain nuances within; Complimenting and enhancing them to challenge the palate and create a whole new way to drink coffee. 

We've had our Smokehouse on the menu for about ten months now. The Smokehouse is a variation of a cortado which is a 4oz drink composed of espresso and steamed milk. Sorghum and liquid smoke are added to this concoction resulting in a drink which showcases the sweet and savory elements of our Blacksmith espresso. If you're into barbecue brisket, this drink is for you. 

We are now very proud to announce the arrival of a new signature drink we are releasing this week dubbed the Thai No. 5. Thai No. 5 is a conceptual drink based on Pad Thai. It's a combination of espresso, thai peanut sauce, and cayenne pepper.

There are several things happening with this drink. First- the espresso acts as the savory element that ties the sweetness and spiciness of the peanut sauce and cayenne together. The peanut sauce accentuates the sweetness and base notes of the espresso while the cayenne brings some clarity and unfamiliarity, allowing one to distinguish between the contrasting flavors.

So if you're feeling brave, looking to expand your palate a bit, and want to taste something completely unique to Quills, give one of these drinks a try. We've put a lot of time and energy into creating them and think you'll like them. 

Just coffee? Please