Quills Events: More Literary Action from Typecast Publishing

Quills is excited to put the literary umph in the shop with our next event hosted by Typecast Publishing. To keep you from getting the post-Derby blues, Wednesday, May 11th, will be a curtain call for three poets that keep it classy but are unbuttoning their collars for the laid back crowd at Quills.

Catching up with Jen Woods, the head honcho of Typecast, she expressed her excitement for hosting another event at Quills. She says that Quills is an excellent fit for her events because Quills customers are quality listeners, loving the poetry just as much as the poets love to share. And of course they all hang out here anyway, so might as well make it formal.

The vision and products of Typecast are also a good fit with Quills. Going the extra mile to pursue the dream of making beautiful, quality books that are engaging to all people, Typecast and Quills have a lot in common. Jen Woods has the love of books that we at Quills have for coffee. Good thing coffee and books go together like PB&J.  

The three poets featured this Wednesday are Matt Hart, Peter Davis, and Michael Schiavo who will all be reading lovely words from their latest books. Schiavo will be joining us from Vermont, Hart from Cincinnati and Davis is a Hoosier, crossing the river just for us. Their will be songs for your ears by Kirby Gann and fine espresso by Brittany Jarboe Jennings.

Join us this Wednesday, May 11th at 7:00pm for flow of words and coffee, like wild horses kept at bay.


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