Beer & Blogs

A few weeks ago I was hanging out at local microbrewery, Cumberland Brews (great beer) with my friend Drew.  Drew and his compatriot, Derek, own and operate On Your Left Cycles in Louisville, Kentucky.  OYLC is a great little bike shop where friendly customer service and legit wrench skills trump minimal Internet discounts every time.  It's hip and relaxed, kind of like hanging out in your cool uncle’s garage listening to The Pixies while he fixes his buddy’s vintage motorcycle.  So, if you like bikes and cool dudes stop by and see them.

Anyway, Drew has been Quills Coffee official Champion Cheerleader Customer Numero Uno from day one.  He's an easy guy to like.  Our friendship has evolved over discussions concerning the finer points of gourmet cooking, proper bicycle maintenance, small business management, boutique coffee from around the states, and constant constructive criticism regarding the creation of the perfect cafe mocha.

A couple sips into Pale Ale number two, Drew says to me, “So, what’s up with the blog?”  I could tell by its tone that this statement was more of kick in the ass rather than a polite question.  

“I know, I know, it needs work,” I say.

“Ya think?”

“What should I blog about?”

“Anything…your coffees, the new espresso machine, things you guys are in to.”

Drew takes another drink and says, “You could blog about mochas.  

‘Mochas: Kind of Like Drinking a Chocolate Pillow.’”

Umm, okay?

Maybe it was the second pint, maybe it’s his love of premium chocolate infused with fine espresso, regardless I’m taking Drew’s advice and giving the blog the attention it deserves.  I hope the Quills blog can offer up some healthy sarcasm and wit.  I hope it can provide a few nuggets of education concerning coffee and espresso.  I hope it can be comforting, sort of like resting a virtual pillow.